Monday, July 27, 2009

Novel: "Product", podcast

Just to let everyone know James is still painting, and his paintings are available at the site.

Some of his works are on display right now in his employer's new offices! Very nice.

But James, aside from his painting career, is also a writer, and has been devoted to working on his novel -- tentatively titled Product -- for the past few months. It's a sci-fi (sort of) novel, but not outer space sci-fi, more of a conspiracy/suspense/ kind of novel. Think Robert Anton Wilson, a bit of Dean Koontz, . . .

Aside from all that, James will be a frequent co-host at Regan Lee's new podcast venture: Cafe Esoterica. That will be coming in the next couple of months; more information as things develop in that area. (James' painting The First Nano-second will be the podcats visual for the banner, etc.)

Sunday, July 26, 2009